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Dating & relationships for ambitious women and confident men. Invite-Only.

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At Cherrish your career and ambition are the cherry on the pie.

Modern women encounter a significant obstacle, when it comes to romance: Insecure men who are afraid of
bold woman. At CHERRISH, the story is different.


Where equal relationships start.

For many women and men, traditional gender roles are outdated. We love strong, confident men, who embrace progress and don't feel threatened by ambitious women.


Cherishing men who are at peace with themselves.

At cherrish we believe that there are countless self-confident, warm, progressive men out there, who are ready for the gender equality of the 21st century.


How we make modern love happen.

1. A curated community, hand-picked by trusted cherrishers, joining through our invite-only system.

2. No mindless swiping at CHERRISH. Our matchmaking makes your picks matter more. You’ll find yourself listening instead of just seeing, and meeting instead of just chatting.

3. The Dating App is just the beginning. With CHERRISH we want to build the place for finding, navigating and maintaining a fulfilling 21st century relationship.

Because it's 2022.

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About Cherrish

"CHERRISH is about building the place for 21st century relationships. Cherishing love on eye-level, celebrating inner work and embracing gender equality."

Bianca Praetorius, founder of CHERRISH