Solving the dating-problem for successful women is long overdue. With CHERRISH, we're here to do that now. At the moment, we're the phase of conception, team finding, funding etc. Launch date for the MVP is aimed in spring 2023. If you feel called to get involved, now is the time to reach out.
My name is Bianca Praetorius, I am the founder of CHERRISH Dating. I have spent the last ten years in the international startup & innovation industry, co-initiating various entrepreneurial political initiatives and for those who want to know more,
here is my website. I am 38 years old, happily married, mother of a spectacularly cute son and live in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Making modern love happen.

 Why we're building CHERRISH.

The idea for CHERRISH came from a viral social media post in July 2022 about "No-Lappen-matchmaking". You can find the post and the thousands of reaction After the unexpected blow-up of the post, we decided to actually build this idea for real.

Wait. Lappen?! What the heck is a Lappen?

Dear men. It seems to be still true that many of you find it rather unattractive, if their own partner potentially surpasses them? Does it somehow turn you off, when your partner's life is possibly “way cooler" than your own? Feeling rather repulsed by your female partner's success is for some just "the nature of masculinity", for us it's simply a strong "Lappen-move". (It’s a german word and “sadsack” would be a close-ish translation.)
Ps: Of course, this phenomenon also exists in same-sex-relationships.

Just a trend, or the evolution of society?

In recent years, society's perception of women has changed at a rapid pace: Female entrepreneurship, women in leadership positions, as heads of state, on boards of directors and as icons in film and social media. Women have greatly developed their roles. As a result, today we have more independent, confident, happy and self-fulfilled women, than just a few decades ago.

...but maybe not everyone came along for this progress?

Did just as much happen on the male side though? The self-image of many men still includes being the main breadwinner, provider and traditional head of the family. So perhaps it's not so surprising that a man finds a more successful woman (or smarter, funnier, or more educated than him) shall we say, romantically uncomfortable....The result is that women pay a high price for their success: The statistically much higher probability to be involuntarily partnerless. And since the social phenomenon of the "independent woman" is a relatively recent development in society (a few decades), it is not at all ill-intentioned if we lovingly, but in disappointment, refer to these men as "Lappen".

The good news.

There are plenty of warm, confident men out there. Men who rest in themselves, are aware of their value and don't see a successful woman as competition - but as a partner. We are convinced that there are enough wonderful men, who long for a partnership at eye-level and real exchange.These men - it's them we cherrish. ❤️Also true: love, chemistry, and romance are infinitely complex. No app, and no good matchmaking app, will ever be able to serve up great love at the touch of a button. But what we can do is make up for a structural imbalance just a little bit. Bring people together who have agreed on one small premise before they even meet: love is team play.

So, what's a successful woman?

What we don't mean is a female business-elite, fame-game, rich-chicks dating club.
What we mean are women that are strong, happy and self-sufficient.
They are smart, independent and create their own lives.
Maybe they run communities, maybe they run for office, maybe they're just hilarious and quick witted.
They don't need a partner, but they'd love one.